Mo Sidik is an Indonesian stand-up comedian, was born in Padang, now live in Jakarta, start his entertainment career as a radio announcer in Bandung, such as OZ and Ardan.

Beside stand-up comedy, he also a professional MC, host and moderator. He also play role in some Indonesian movies and TV series, such as Comic 8 Kasino Kings, Manusia Setengah Salmon, Jin & Jun, etc.

He started his stand-up comedy career in 2011, mostly he do stand-up comedy for corporate events. He was finalist Stand-up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) competition in Kompas TV, a Mentor at Stand Comedy Academy (SUCA) and in 2017 he start his big tour called #Fattitude in many cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, Germany, etc.

1. BANDO (Spacetoon (Now NET TV))
2. Stand Up Comedy (Metro TV)
3. Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (Kompas TV) as finalist in 2011
4. Comic Action (Kompas TV)
5. Kelakar (Kompas TV)
6. Sketsa Ramadhan (Kompas TV)
7. Malam Minggu Miko (Kompas TV) episode Bersin Bersih Loli
8. Loe Banget Gue Banget (Kompas TV)
9. Liga Komunitas Stand Up (Kompas TV) sebagai judge
10. NewShow (Metro TV) as Host
11. Stand Up Comedy Academy (Indosiar) as Mentor


1. Komedi Special (Kompas TV)
2. Sketsa Ramadhan (Kompas TV)
3. Lo Banget, Gue Banget (Kompas TV)
4. Siapa Suruh Datang Jakarta (SCTV)
5. Jin & Jun Bikin Kepo (ANTV)


1. Manusia Setengah Salmon (2013)
2. Comic 8: Casino Kings (2015)
3. Jagoan Instan (2016)
4. Get Up Stand Up (2016)
5. Comix Kong X Kong (2016)
6. Flight 555 (upcoming)